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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Privateers Bounty: my Battle of Portland scenario

I just ran the Battle of Portland scenario, on the simulator, and fought the battle with using destination points, and made every attempt to fight in something resembling a line. In this battle, I maneuvered burning ships, and those ships around them to keep fires from spreading to other ships. This allowed the Dutch to win 60% to 0%.

I had the difficulty level set to "Hard", and attacked the English main body (two squadrons), at the beginning of the battle. George Monck's squadron came up, later, and those ships were some of the last survivors, along with two ships from the other end, which tried to fleet (including the Speaker (Third Rate).

Towards the end, I maneuvered individual ships and small groups, to get them into position to rake English ships. Again, as often happens, there was tipping point, at which time, the English cause was lost beyond rescue.

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