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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

I just fought a VERY different Battle of the Kentish Knock

I just refought the Battle of the Kentish Knock, where I commanded the Dutch, the difficulty was set at "Medium", and I started the battle with the entire Dutch fleet in single line formation (although they never actually achieved that). I steered the whole Dutch fleet way to the South of the English fleet, and sailed back and forth, each time increasing the distance, as I was able to, given the constraints of the wind.

The battle proceeded as follows:
Dutch %English %

Early on, the Vogelstruis got caught among the English, and was dismasted. She survived, until she surrended at the end. The Dutch fleet sailed off towards the open sea, to the East, and the rear guard was Bastiaan Centen's ship, the Haes (Vlissingen Directors) and the Brederode. The only pursuing ship was the Anthony Bonaventure (for some reason). The Brederode had taken a good bit of sail and rigging damage, so she was slowed. As the fleet and the Haes were pulling away, the Brederode turned on the Anthony Bonaventure, raking her, and causing her to surrender. At that point, the English fleet had turned away, so the Brederode headed for the open sea, following the others.

This was actually the most realistic battle that I have fought, as it was the most like "real life". In reality, they never fought to annihilate the enemy, while accepted crippling losses.

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