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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I just won the Battle of the Saintes, as the British, 72% to 0%!

I just fought one of my best battles, using Privateers Bounty, ever. As the British, I just won the Battle of the Saintes, in an overwhelming way. Not only was the "score" 72% to 0%, but there were a large number of surrendered ships, from both the French and British, littering the scene of the Battle.

Again, I grouped ships (using the CTRL-digit system), assigned a formation, and then set a destination point. An interesting feature of this is that everytime you assign the formation, all the ships in the group become selected, and then you assign the destination point. All ships are then affected, without having to reselect them.

The rear of the British line, at the start of the battle, ended up being largely dismasted, but they mostly did not suffer that badly. They formed a line, almost like they were fortifications. One, the Centaur, spent most of the game raking the French flagship Ville de Paris. In this simulation, the Ville de Paris was the last French ship to surrender. I was sure she would be sunk, first. Towards the end, there were at least four British ships raking her.

At the end, when the last French ship had surrendered, there were still 4-6 British ships that were quite mobile. They were able to get in position to run down the remaining French survivors, and force them to surrender.

A feature of this battle was that I was constantly resetting destination points, either for groups (preferably), or where there were isolated ships that were still mobile, I would be maneuvering them to be able to rake the French ships. That was a key reason for my success: readiness to regroup ships and constantly getting them into postion to rake.

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