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Sunday, March 07, 2004

I finally won the Battle of the Saintes

Again, this is off-topic, except that it is another scenario in Privateers Bounty. I had two false starts, where I lost confidence in my ability to win the Battle of the Saintes, as the British, and shut them down. I finally won, if you can call 16% to 0% a victory. Technically, it might be a victory, but I have grown accustomed to the 70% to 0% (if not better) style victory, where you really won something.

I really like the 17th Century battles, as they are equivalent to something else I prefer, early WWII tank battles, where the tanks and anti-tank guns are pretty small. Many, if not most gamers like the late-war tanks and guns, where the tanks are monsters and so are the guns. If you get a hit, the tank is destroyed (almost certainly). In the early war scenario, the shot might hit, but "bounce". 17th Century ships, especially the First Anglo-Dutch War, are more like that. The shot doesn't "bounce", but the damage might be small (although the ship may only have a small capacity to "take" damage).

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