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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Cornelis Corneliszoon Jol (Houtebeen)

Cornelis Corneliszoon Jol was a famous naval officer in the service of the West Indian Company. His nickname was Houtebeen (wooden leg), probably because he had lost part of one leg. He fought in the Battle of the Downs in 1639, where he had 7 ships in his squadron. His initial orders were to cruise at the north end of the downs to contain the Spanish while the others attacked. His ship was the Jupiter. Perhaps this is the ship depicted in an early drawing by Willem van de Velde, the Elder.

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Vittorio1 said...

Cornelis Jol Corneliszoon (1597 - October 31, 1641) nicknamed Houtebeen, after the capture of S. Paul of Luanda, the capital of Angola (in August of 1641), went to St. Thomas island, where he died on October 31, 1641, most likely victim of malaria, which was epidemic on that island.

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