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Friday, October 07, 2005

The Jakob en Anna fireship (1672)

This is my translation of a piece by Mr. Carl Stapel about the Jakob en Anna fireship.
Jakob en Anna fireship 1672

Amsterdam    Jakob en Anna        fireship                                                   In service from  1672*-1677

Date        Captain                 Guns    Notes
    5/1672  cmdr Dirk Klaaszoon     4       In May, with the fleet
 7-6/1673   Captain Jan Boomgaart   4       The First Schooneveld Battle
14-6/1673   Captain Jan Boomgaart   2       The Second Schooneveld Battle
21-8/1673   Captain Jan Boomgaart           The Battle of the Texel (Kijkduin)
   8/1675   cmdr Dirk Klaasz Herney         With De Ruyter in the Mediterranean Sea
 8-1/1676   cmdr Dirk Klaasz Herney         The Battle of Stromboli
22-4/1676   cmdr Dirk Klaasz Herney         The Battle of Etna
 1-6/1676   cmdr Dirk Klaasz Herney         The Battle of Palermo
     1677   cmdr Arent Ruighaver            In the Baltic
21-6/1677   cmdr Arent Ruighaver            Burnt a Swedish ship    

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