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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Trivia time: Teunis Post was Allert Janszoon's skipper in 1652

On 6 August 1652, Antheunis Post (or Teunis Post) attended Tromp's council of war on the Brederode, after the storm hit the fleet off the Shetlands. It turns out that he was Allert Janszoon's skipper (schipper) on the Dubbele Arend, a ship belonging to the Admiralty of Zeeland. We know that, because a message from 28 December 1652 tells us that Teunis Post was temporarily in command and that he was Allert Janszoon's skipper. Presumably, this is the same Teunis Post who commanded the Parel adviesjacht in 1673.

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