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Saturday, October 29, 2005

I can correct one problem in Vol.V of The First Dutch War

I see that I can correct on error that occurs on page 186 in Vol.V of The First Dutch War. There is a list of four fireships from the Admiralty of Amsterdam. They list, which is translated into English has four vessels:
  1. the ship Cleyne (clearly an error)
  2. the Fortune
  3. the Great Hope
  4. the Sun
I happen to have a copy of a manuscript from that period (later in June 1653). This list in the manuscript has the following:
  1. the ship the Klein Hoop - Commandeur Jan Claesz.
  2. the ship the Fortuijn - Commandeur Schoonevelt
  3. the ship the Groot Hoop - Comandeur Cornelis de Joris (the last name could be wrong-could be Heris)
  4. the ship the Zon - Commandeur Warnaer Crimp

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