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Thursday, October 27, 2005

English Captain: Tobias Sackler (Updated)

English captain Tobias Sackler served at the end of the Commonwealth and in the Restoration navy. In 1660, before the Restoration, he commanded the Blackmoor pink. After the Restoration, he continued as captain of the Blackmoor pink. In 1663, he was appointed to command the 6th Rate Drake. We know that in May and June 1664, he commanded the Drake and was in the vicinity of the Downs. In 1665, he commanded the old 4th Rate Expedition. He fought in the Battle of Lowestoft, where he was assigned to Sir Christopher Myngs' division in the White Squadron. He fought in the Four Days' Battle, again in Sir Christopher Myng's division in the Blue Squadron. He fought in the St. James's Day Battle in the Expedition. He was still in Sir Christopher Myng's division, again in the Blue Squadron, under the command of Prince Rupert. Tobias Sackler was removed from his command after the battle, as he was thought to have not come into line when he could have, and had fired through English ships, contrary to orders. Sources:
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