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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Another page dated 12 March 1652

The second page in the list from 12 March 1652 has more Amsterdam Directors' ships:
The ship Arche Troijane, 12 April
(the ship commanded by Abraham van Campen)
Dimensions: 116ft x 26-3/4ft x 12ft x 6-1/4ft

The ship Blauwen Arent, 17 April
(the ship commanded by Dirck Pater)
Dimensions: 127ft x 28-1/2ft x 12-1/4ft x 6ft-10in

The ship Mauritius, 16 April
(the ship commanded by Nicolaes de With)
Dimensions: 130ft x 30ft x 13ft x7ft
Guns: 18-12pdr, 6-6pdr, 6-4pdr, 6-3pdr

The ship Roosenboom, 10 April
(the ship commanded by Gerrit Schuyt)
Dimensions: 118ft x 27ft x 12-1/2ft x 6ft

The ship, the Lam, 12 April
(the ship commanded by Cornelis van Houten)
Dimensions: 127ft x 27-1/4ft x 12-1/2ft x 6-1/2ft

The ship, the Elias, 24 April
(the ship commanded by Jacob Sieuwertsz Spahnheijm
 with lieutenant Frans Fransz Sluyter)
Dimensions: 132-1/2ft x 30ft x 13ft x 6-1/2ft

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