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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A remaining mystery: Abraham van der Hulst's ship in Hendrick de Raedt's list

There is a good deal of reason to think that Abraham van der Hulst commanded the Amsterdam ship Groningen from the beginning of the First Anglo-Dutch War. The only reason to question that is that Hendrick de Raedt's list (and the Hollandsche Mercurius list) indicate that Abraham van der Hulst's ship carried 26 guns and had a crew of 100 men. The indication is that this was a purpose-built warship, rather than a hired ship. The Groningen was a 40-gun ship, so this could not be the Groningen. We might think that this is an error in the list, except that other ships in the list that might have seemed to be in error were found to be relatively accurate, to my surprise. The two ships where that was true were the two Zeeland frigates, those commanded by Lambert Bartelszoon (18 guns and a crew of 100 men) and Johannes Michielszoon (20 guns and a crew of 100 men). Sources:
  1. Hendrik de Raedt, Lyste van de schepen van Oorloge onder het beleyt Admirael Marten Harpersz. Tromp, 1652
  2. Carl Stapel, unpublished manuscript "Lijst van schepen van 20 juni 1653", 2006

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