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Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Friesland ship Westergo in 1652 and 1653

The Friesland ship Westergo served with De Ruyter's fleet in July to September 1652. He fought in the Battle of Plymouth in August and was apparently in the Battle of the Kentish Knock. Witte de With had concerns about luitenant-commandeur Tijmen Claeszoon's conduct in the battle, and he was sent in with a letter to luitenant-admiraal Tromp, but nothing happened. In late December 1652, he was a convoyer for merchant ships from the Goeree and joined the fleet after that. He fought in the Three Days Battle and then in the Battle of the Gabbard in June 1653. The Westergo was lost in that battle, perhaps due to bad judgment by Tijmen Claeszoon. The ship later served in the English navy as the Westergate, surviving to serve in the Restoration navy until lost at sea in 1664. I have the details about the ship from Carl Stapel and Ron van Maanen:
The ship Westergo, kapitein Joris Pietersz van den Broecke
                  luitenant Tijmen Claeszoon
Length from stem to sternpost: 114ft
Beam:                           26-1/4ft
Hold:                           12ft
Height between decks:            6-1/4ft

28 guns
Crew 110 men

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