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Friday, November 03, 2006

Herman Walman (or Wallemans)

Apparently, in November 1652, Herman Walman was luitenant under kapitein Swart on the Amsterdam Directors' ship Vliegende Faam (Schetsen, Vol.III, note on page 87). On 11 August 1653, the Amsterdam Directors' ship Hollandsche Tuin, under the command of Herman Walman, was mastless after the Battle of Scheveningen, and had to "drive along the coast" towards the Texel. The other Hollandsche Tuin was a the ship hired by the Admiralty of Amsterdam, and at this date was commanded by Joris Block. The First Dutch War, Vol.V, on page 364 lists the damage to the smaller Hollandsche Tuin, commanded by Joris Block, and gives the gunpowder before the battle (7,000 lbs) and that remaining after the battle (5,400 lbs). This was the ship previously commanded by Hillebrandt Jeroenszoon, who was killed while fighting in the Battle of Scheveningen. He had taken command of the Zutphen, after his brother Ewout was severely wounded in the Three Days Battle. Sources:
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