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Monday, November 13, 2006

Page from 13 March 1652 listing Amsterdam Directors' ships

There is a page dated 13 March 1652 (but with entries from later) that has some interesting things, most of which is common knowledge, but there is a bit that seems unique:
The ship Sint Francisco, 7 April
 (the ship commanded by Stoffel Juriaenszoon)
  133ft x 28-1/4ft x 13-1/4ft x 6-1/2ft
  Guns: 8-12pdr, 6-8pdr, 8-6pdr, and 2-4pdr

The ship nieuw Gidion
 (the ship commanded by Hector Bardesius, whose 
   lieutenant was Ulrich Claesz de Jaeger)
  132ft x 29-1/2ft x 13-1/2ft x 6-1/2ft

The ship, the Swarte Leeuw, 29 April
 (the ship commanded by Hendrick de Raedt)
  130ft x 28ft x 13-1/2ft x 6-1/4ft

The ship, the Valck, 15 April
 (the ship commanded by Cornelis Jansz Brouwer)
  132-1/2ft x 26-1/6ft x 12-3/4ft x 6-1/2ft

The ship, the Faem, 6 April
 (the ship commanded by Jacob Swart)
  116ft x 28ft x 11ft x 7ft

The ship, the Groote Alexander, 7 April
 (the ship commanded by Jan Maijkers)
  131-1/2ft x 27-3/4ft x 13ft x 6-3/4ft

The ship Sint Maria, 16 April
 (the ship commanded by Sipke Fockes)
  122ft x 27ft x 11-1/4ft x 6ft

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