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Friday, November 24, 2006

Jacob Claesz Duijm's ship Vergulde Sonne

Jacob Claesz Duijm commanded the ship Vergulde Sonne (or Zon in the modern spelling) from the spring of 1652 up until the Battle of the Gabbard, when the ship was lost. The Vergulde Sonne was an Enkuizen Directors' ship. The ship was also called the Schellinghout. Ron van Maanen had found the dimensions of the Schellinghout, but did not know that this was the same ship as the Vergulde Sonne. Carl Stapel found the connection between the names, the dimensions, and the list of guns:
The ship Vergulde Sonne, kapitein Jacob Claesz Duijm
 a ship hired by the Enkhuizen Directors

Length from stem to sternpost: 127ft
Beam:                           26ft
Hold:                           12-1/2ft
Height between decks:            6ft

28 guns:
4-brass 18pdr, 8-12pdr, 6-8pdr, 6-6pdr, 2-4pdr, and 2-2pdr

24 April 1653: 115 men

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