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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Admiralty of Friesland ships in the 28 November 1652 list

The 28 November 1652 list says that there were two Friesland convoyers and two cruisers in the 1651 group. They are not listed explicitly, however. The rest of the ships are part of the 100 ships of 1652, hired by the admiralties. There is one mystery 36-gun ship that is unnamed, without the captain listed, either. There is just a dotted line and 36, for the number of guns. I suppose that might be one of the 36 ships. Perhaps the Westergoo (28 guns) and the Frisia (28 guns) are the two convoyers. Then the Breda (28 guns) and the unnamed 36 gun ship would be of the 36 ships. The rest would be funded as part of the 100 ships. Hendrick Jansz Camp's ship, the Wapen van Nassauw (36 ships), is apparently one of the 100 ships, and is different from the other 36 gun ship. Sources:
  1. lijst van schepen in dienst van de Staet der Vereenigde Nederlanden, 28 November 1652

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