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Friday, January 05, 2007

Jacob Verhelle and the Hasewint (Hazewind)

The Zeeland ship Hasewint or Hazewindt (28 guns) was apparently built about 1642. The Hasewint (the modern spelling is Hazewind) was a convoyer, and was one of the 40 convoyers funded when the navy was reduced in 1648, after the peace treaty with Spain. According to what I have from Carl Stapel, Jacob Verhelle commanded the Hasewint right up until 1652. The Hasewint was one of the ten ships sent to Brazil, after Witte de With had returned from there. The ships all returned in June 1652, but many of them were sunk or taken by the English. The Hasewint was taken to Dover on 28 June 1652. The Hasewint carried 28 guns and had a crew of 85 sailors and 20 soldiers. Sources:
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  2. Nationaal Archief Collectie Johan de Witt 3.01.17 collectie 2775h ( oktober 1652 )
  3. Lijst van schepen in dienst van de Staedt der Veenichde Nederlanden, 28 November 1652

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