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Thursday, January 25, 2007

How to find The First Dutch War and Granville Penn's book on Google Book Search

Google makes it harder than it should be to get to where you can view and download books. I suspect that is by design, given the law suit against them. Still, students of 17th Century naval history would like to have the PDF files, so I can give some guidance. You would need to first get to Google Book Search: The rest just involves selecting a workable search string, but you do need to have the "Full view books" radio button selected. To find Vol.I of The First Dutch War, use the search string "Robert Blake 1652". The top result, at least today, is the right book. Click on that, and you then can both view the book and download the PDF file. To find Vol.II, I used the search string "Witte de With 1652". Vol.II showed up as the second to last item on the page. To find Vol.III, I used "Tromp November 1652". Vol.III appeared as the first item in the search results. I found Granville Penn's book with the search stgrin of "sir william penn 1652". The book, Memorials of the Professional Life and Times of Sir William Penn ...: From 1644 to 1670, was the first item in the search results.

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