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Sunday, January 28, 2007

A mystery from June 1653

On 18 June 1653, a courtmartial was held for three officers: luitenant-commandeur Ulrich de Jager, Andries Douwesz Pascaert, and Cornelis Naeuoogh (or however his name was spelled). They were all convicted of disobediance or other misbehavior in the last battle. On 19 June, Jan Fredericksz Hoeckboot was tried and acquitted. One mystery is that the lists that I have from May and June 1653 do not list either Cornelis Naeuoogh, unless his middle name was Laurenszoon, or Andries Douweszoon Pascaert. The list of Amsterdam Directors' ships lists Cornelis Laurenszoon, commanding a ship with 42 guns and a crew of 155 men. This seems to have been the ship Sint Matheeus that was captured by the English at the Battle of the Gabbard. The ship that was captured had dimensions of 144ft x 36ft x 15ft x 7ft. The ship that Cornelis Naeoogh commanded up to the Three Days Battle had dimensions of 140ft x 34ft x 15ft x 7-1/3ft and carried 34 guns up to November 1652. I am open to the possibility that they were the same ship, with different dimensions reported. David de Wildt's list of ships that might be suitable for service as warships includes the larger Sint Matheeus as the second entry. There is no other Sint Matheeus listed. If that is the case, why was Cornelis Naeuoogh not an English prisoner after the battle? Usually, captains of captured Dutch ships were prisoners of the English.

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