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Sunday, January 21, 2007

A valiant attempt, but with errors

The Dutch Wikipedia page for the Two Days' Battle of Nieuwpoort, called the Battle of the Gabbard by the English, is a valiant attempt at a Dutch order of battle. Sadly, there are some significant errors. Some of the list is obviously derived from some of my previous writings, some of which were in error. For example, the Vergulde Meerman is actually derived from my misreading of the Vergulde Maen, also called the Vergulde Halve Maen. I have since corrected that, but the Wikipedia page still has the error. In fact, they have essentially listed the ship twice, with two different captains. The Vergulde Halve Maen was, in fact, a ship of the Edam Directors, despite some references that say Monnikendam Directors. Another error, that I don't know the source, is to say that Andries Douwesz Pascaert was in the battle, which he was not, and that he commanded the ship Groningen. That is incorrect. He had commanded the ship Sint Vincent, but at the Battle of Nieuwpoort, the Sint Vincent was commanded by Adriaen Heeres Kleijntje. Spellings of captains' names are difficult, as different sources give different spellings. I am not in a position to correct the list, as I lack the diffinitive references. I probably can come close to a correct list, mostly due to Witte de With's journal and his letters. Carl Stapel has a list, but I do not have the sources he used, yet. I would start with the outline list of ships at Vlissingen in early July 1653, and start filling in captains and ships into the outline.

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