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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Isaac Sweers in the Mediterranean Sea in June 1651

Isaac Sweers, later an admiral, was on board the ship Gelderlandt in June 1651. He was Cornelis van Velsen's lieutenant. The Gelderlandt was in Gidion deWildt's squadron. I received a copy of his journal from this period from Rick van Velden, back in early 2003. There were four ships and a jacht in the squadron:
Adm   Ship        Brass Guns  Iron Guns  Crew
A     Vrede       14          26         130
A     Morgenstar  12          16         100
A     Gelderlandt 10          16          90
A     Leeuwarden  14          20         115
A     Hasewindt    8          10          80

  1. Isaac Sweers, journal kept by Isaac Sweers, initially on the warship Gelderland, starting in June 1651 and continuing until 1653, Nationaal Archief, Admiralty Collection Sweers, Inv. No. 2

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