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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Witte de With apparently was keeping useful journals for a long time

I realized that Witte de With was keeping a journal with ship names, guns, crew, and captains for longer than just 1652 to 1653. The basis for the list in the book, De Sleutels van de Sont was Witte de With's journal from 1645. This same list appeared, in a less useful form, in R. C. Anderson's book Naval Wars in the Baltic. He had commanded the fleet convoying a large number of merchant ships into the Sound, past the Danes, who normally collected tolls. If the Danish fleet had contested operation, they would have been defeated, in all likelihood, but the strong Dutch fleet. One of the ships of the New Directors of Amsterdam, the Abrahams Offerande, commanded by kapitein Reyndert Claesz., had listing of guns or crew. There was a footnote indicating that these were "not filled in, in the journal of De With". Sources:
  1. R. C. Anderson, Naval Wars in the Baltic, 1910
  2. G. W. Kernkamp, De Sleutels van de Sont, 1890

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