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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Carl Stapel's piece on Roemer Vlacq

This is my translation of Mr. Carl Stapel's piece about Roemer Vlacq, the Dutch captain.
          Roemer Vlacq

Admiralty of Amsterdam

Born:         1637 at Gouda
Died:      17-07-1703, died from wounds suffered in fight against Coetlogon

1683: captain
1671: commandeur

1671: he commanded the adviesjacht the Kits (6/12) in the coastguard

1672 June. He commanded the frigate Postiljon (78 sailors) in the
         Battle of Solebay and had two dead, 5 severely wounded,
         and 4 lightly wounded, while serving in
         Michiel De Ruyter's squadron.

1673       7 June. He fought on board the frigate Brak (built in 1666,
                 24 guns, and a crew of 83 sailors and 17 soldiers)
                 in the first Schoonveld battle.
         14 June. In the same ship, he fought in the second Schooneveld battle.
         21 Aug  In the Battle of the Texel (Kijkduin),
                 he again commanded the frigate Brak.
1674       He commanded the transport ship Opperdoes (16 guns) under
         De Ruyter at Martinique.
1676       In March 1676, with Jacob Binckes, voyage to the West on
         board the Huis te Kruiningen (built in 1653, with 56 guns)
1677       3 March. Battle of Tobago. The Huis te Kruiningen was lost and Roemer
         Vlacq was severely wounded. He returned in October to the Nethelands.
1678       He convoyed merchant ships to Biscay.
1690       He was a convoyer in the Sound.
1691       idem
1692       He was ashore, due to insubordination.
1693       He was ashore.
1694       He was ashore.
1695       He was ashore.
1696       14 February. Willem III lifted his suspension and restored him to
         to the service of the Admirality of Amsterdam, and restored
         his dignity.
1697       He was a convoyer
1698       idem
1699       idem
1700       idem
1701       idem
1702       idem

He commanded the Muiderberg (built in 1693, with 50 guns and a crew of 210) in a convoy, with a squadron of 5 warships and 100 merchantships from Lisbon to the Netherlands on 22 May 1703. He met 5 large French warships under the command of Rear-Admiral Coetlogon. Vlacq distinguished himself in a fight against 2 French three deckers of 90 guns, and saved the merchantships. All the States' warships were lost, however. Vlacq was severely wounded and was taken, with the other prisoners, to Toulon. Roemer Vlacq died there on 17 July 1703 from his wounds. The remaining captains were repatriated in October to their native country.

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