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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dutch Captain: Jacob Mauregnault

I had not thought that there was enough information available about Jacob Mauregnault to write about hi, but I was wrong. Jacob Mauregnault served the Admiralty of Zeeland. Dr. Weber said that Jacob Mauregnault had been flag captain of the Tholen, along with Jacques Woleresse, for Adriaan Banckert at the Four Days Battle. He was at the St. James's Day Battle, as well, according to Sir Thomas Allin's journal. They abandoned the heavliy damaged Tholen, which was taken by the English and burnt by them. In December 1666, he set sail in the Zeeridder (34 guns and a crew of 167 men) with Abraham Crijnssen's squadron, bound for the Caribbean. He commanded on the outward voyage, but he was succeeded by captain Rochus Bastaert, who had been captain of the Wester-Souburg. Frans Roy succeeded Rochuas Bastaert in command of the Wester-Souburg. Captain Warnsinck suggests that he disppeared because he died in Suriname. Sources:
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