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Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Dutch ship: Wassenaer (1693)

This is another good piece by Mr. Carl Stapel. This is about the Wassenaer, built in 1693 by the Admiralty of the Maze:
Wassenaar  1693

Adm Name             Length  Beam      Hold       Guns      In service
M   Wassenaar        145ft   39-3/4ft  15-1/2ft   60        1692-1716

Built in Rotterdam in 1692 by Van Leeuwen and is an ship of the line of the 4th Rate.
Sistership = Zeelandia (1693)

Armament:  24-18pdr, 22-12pdr, and 14-4pdr

Date    Captain                   Guns Sailors Soldiers Notes
   1693 Cornelis van Brakel                             Cruising in the Channel           
 6/1695 Cornelis van Brakel       60   300              in harbor at Spithead
 9/1695 Cornelis van Brakel       60                     Mediterranean Sea and Spain 
   1696 Cornelis van Brakel       60   325              With Almonde in the Channel
   1697 Cornelis van Brakel       60                    Cruise in the North Sea
   1698 Cornelis van Brakel       60 
 5/1699 Jan van der Goes          60                    Convoy service in the
                                                         Mediterranean Sea
   1700 Jan van der Goes          60                    in the Mediterranean Sea    
   1701      Laid up                                            
   1702 Jacob van Cooperen        60                    Battle of Vigos
   1703 Johan van Convent         60                    26-4 to 17-9 in 
                                                         the North Sea squadron.
   1704 Cornelis van Brakel       64                    In a calm, attacked by 
                                                         galleys from Ostende
   1707 Cornelis van der Graaf    64                    in the Mediterranean Sea
11/1708 Cornelis van der Graaf    64                    in the Netherlands

The second ship with this name and named after the glorious country estate.
It was built with extraordinary funds.
In 1716, the ship was useless and sold for breaking up.


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