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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Some good information thanks to Mr. Carl Stapel

Mr. Carl Stapel sent me some good information today.

One thing he found was that Jacob Cleijdijck's ship that was sunk at the Battle of Portland on February 28, 1653, was named the Meerman. We know from other sources that the Meerman carried 30 guns and had a crew of 120 men. The Meerman was a Director's ship of Rotterdam (or the Maze).

Another piece of information that Carl Stapel pointed me to was in Captain Warnsinck's book about Pieter de Bitter. In there, we find that Pieter de Bitter commmanded the Mercurius, a VOC ship, in 1653. The Mercurius carried 40 guns and had a crew of 200 men, according to Captain Warnsinck.

Then, there is a list of five Admiralty of Amsterdam ships that left for the Mediterranean in March 1650, under the command of Johan van Galen:

Ship        Built      Guns Crew Captain
Maen                             Jan van Galen
Leeuwarden  1645       34   130  Gideon de Wildt
Morgenster  1644       28   110  Cornelis Tromp
Ver. Prov   1643       36   140  Hendrick Swart
Hazewind    1649,jacht 16    80  Cornelis van Velsen

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