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Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Noorderkwartier 3-decker Beschermer

This is based on my translation of a piece from Mr. Carl Stapel:
Beschermer 1690  three-decker

                                   Length Beam Hold Guns  In service
N   Beschermer  or Bescherminge    170    43   16   90    1690–1721

Built in 1690 at Enkhuizen-a ship of the first rate-three decker. 

Armament: 12-30pdr; 18-24pdr; 30-18pdr; 24-6pdr; and 6-4pdr 

Date   Captain                   Guns Crew Notes
5/1692 Jan van der Poel          84 !      Battle of La Hougue
  1693 C. Muys                   90        In Channel Fleet under P v Almonde  
  1696 Cornelis Jacobsz de Boer  90   475  With Almonde in the North Sea
  1702 Lt-Adm Gerard Callenburgh 90        naar Cadiz en Vigos
  1705 Jan de Jongh              92   500  Capture of Gibraltar and Battle of Malaga   

Sold in 1721 because of age.

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