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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Dutch Captain: Cornelis Victol

Cornelis Victol served the Admiralty of the Noorderkwartier. In June 1665, he commanded the Eenhoorn (or Witte Eenhoorn) at the Battle of Lowestoft. He still commanded her in August 1665. At the Four Days' Battle, he commanded the Caleb. The Caleb measured 130ft x 32ft x 13.5ft and carried 6-18pdr, 18-12pdr, 16-8pdr, 4-6pdr, and 4 smaller guns. Her crew consisted of 202 sailors and 35 soldiers. Five men were killed and 11 were wounded in the battle. Captain Victol later died from his wounds. Sources:
  1. H.A. van Foreest and R.E.J. Weber, De Vierdaagse Zeeslag 11-14 Juni 1666, 1984.
  2. Frank Fox, A Distant Storm: the Four Days' Battle of 1666, 1996.

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