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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Dutch Captain: Francois Palm

Francois Palm served the Admiralty of Amsterdam. He lived from about 1620 until 11 August 1674. Her entered the army in 1665 as a captain. He entered the marines as a lieutenant-colonel. He was a colonel in 1672. He commanded the Kruiningen (60 guns) in the Four Days' Battle and the Oisterwijk (68 guns) in the St. James's Day Battle in 1666. In 1667, he commanded the Deventer (62 guns) in the Raid on Chatham. In 1672, he was intended for the fireship attack at Solebay. He commanded the Waesdorp in the Battle of Solebay. The Waesdorp lost 8 dead and 10 wounded in the battle. He was assigned to Michiel De Ruyter's squadron. In 1672, he distinguished himself at the waterline at Naarden and Woerden. He was killed in 1674 at the Battle of Senef. This was apparently a land battle between the Dutch and Spanish armies, as allies against the French. The French were led by the redoubtable Prince Condé, while the Dutch were led by Willem III, Prince of Orange. Sources:
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