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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Dutch Ship Henriette Louise

Mr. Carl Stapel found an interesting document that was in the Jaarboek van het Fries Scheepvaart Museum from 1982, and was on pages 42-84. The piece was called "Admiraliteit van Friesland" and was written by C.W.J. Shaap. Carl writes that Schaap listed "every ship ever used by the Admiralty of Friesland". Carl writes about the VOC ship Henriette Louise (or Louise Henriette) (of 40/50 guns) built in 1637 and hired from 1652-1654. The Middelburg Chamber of the VOC "rented the ship to the state", apparently at no charge. In November 1652, like several other ships, the crew mutinied as "the ship was dirty and unfit the sail or fight". The ship was paid off and released on 24 December 1652. In July 1653, the refitted ship joined the fleet at Vlissingen. "It took part at the battle of Ter Heide ( 10 aug ). Oncemore the crew mutined and the officers were forced to leave the fleet or otherwise be captured. They ignored an order by Johan Evertsen to join the fleet and sailed to Goeree. In 1654 the ship was returned to the VOC." This is information that probably is not widely known.

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