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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Allert Jansz Tamessen

I do not know too much about Allert Jansz Tamessen. I just learned more about him from Carl Stapel, as the Hoorn that he commanded was the ship built in 1625, also called the Eenhoorn or Witte Eenhoorn. Apparently, Allert Jansz Tamessen commanded the Eenhoorn from 1650 to 1652, and had been in Brazil until arriving back in later July 1652. I have seen a note that he was present at a council of war on the Brederode on "26 July 1652" (presumably an "Old Style" date, since this was from The First Dutch War). The Eenhoorn was a 125ft ship of 220 lasts. Jan Heck was appointed captain of the Eenhoorn from September 1652 and commanded the ship through the rest of the war.

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