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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dutch ships in August 1652

When we look at Vuce-Admiral Johan Evertsen's list from August 1652, we are immediately confronted by some questions. Is his list accurate and not to be questioned, or is it fairly accurate but with some errors. The latter assessment is easier to deal with than the alternative. Some examples that cause us concern are the name of Albert Claesz de Graeff's ship (the Eendracht) and the name of Jan le Sage's ship (the Middelburg). I have assumed that Albert Claesz de Graeff's ship was the large hired ship Hollandia that carried 30 guns. He commanded the Hollandia in September 1652. Other sources, such as Hendrick de Raedt's pamphlet, are of no help, as Albert Claesz de Graeff was in Witte de With's squadron and none of those ships have guns or crew listed. We believe that Jan le Sage commanded the Middelburg Directors' ship Gulden Haan (30 guns). The name Middelburg might be an error, but based on Jan le Sage's ship being a Middelburg Directors' ship. At this point, as the rate of research that I can afford is slow enough that I am unlikely to be able to find the answers before the information is published elsewhere.

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