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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dutch lists from September 1653

The lists that I have seen for the Dutch fleet in September 1653, both from Witte de With's journal and from other documents, are the sort of material that should have been published as part of The First Dutch War volumes. Certainly, the 1914-1918 war intervened and caused the last volume to be published years later. That is the volume, Vol.VI, that would have naturally had that sort of material. There is very limited Dutch material in that volume and the one actual list is actually from August 1652 and was mistakenly thought to be from 1653. That is the list of De Ruyter's fleet that eventually fought Sir George Ayscue in the Battle of Plymouth, in 1652. Anyone with the least amount of knowledge of the subject should have recognized that fact. These latest pages that I have received have some really useful information about Dutch ships, albeit just captains, gun and crew figures, and just a few ship names in some. From this, however, we see that Frans Mangelaer's hired ship Wapen van Ceulen (Cologne) carried 30 guns and Rens Cornelisz Sevenhuijsen's ship, the Mars, carried between 34 and 38 guns. I imagine that towards the end of The First Dutch War project that it was easier to look at English sources rather than Dutch ones, so that is largely what we got.

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