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Friday, June 08, 2007

Some Dutch guns

I took some photographs of documents, when I visited the Nationaal Archief The Hague. One page has some gun weights and also numbers of shot on hand for a particular Dutch warship, the hired ship for the Admiralty of Amsterdam, the Jonas. These are some representative weights:
Gun        Weight of piece
12pdr      3015 lbs
12pdr      2930 lbs
8pdr       2320 lbs
8pdr       2210 lbs
6pdr       2560 lbs
6pdr       2400 lbs
5pdr       1420 lbs
5pdr       1410 lbs
5pdr       1395 lbs
5pdr       1365 lbs
3pdr        730 lbs
3pdr        720 lbs

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