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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Amsterdam ship Oosterwijk

I had an inquiry about the Amsterdam ship Oosterwijk, built in 1653. I had forgotten that the Oosterwijk was in service by September 1653 and was commandeur Gideon de Wildt's flagship on the voyage to Norway from September to November 1653. Witte de With's journal says that the Oosterwijk carried 55 guns and had a crew of 226 men during that period. He was assigned to Egbert Meessen's (or Meeuwssen)squadron of 16 ships. The other large, new ships on the voyage, under the command of Witte de With, were the Amsterdam (50 guns and a crew of 210 men), commanded by Gideon Verburgh, the Huijs te Cruijningen (48 guns and a crew of 250 men), and Witte de With's flagship, the Huijs te Swieten (56 guns and a crew of 276 men).

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