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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Yesterday, I received a photograph of the page that says that the Sint Maria was under repair after the Three Days Battle in 1653

One continuing issue for me is the Amsterdam Directors' ship Sint Maria, commanded by Sipke Fockes up to early 1653. The Hollandsche Mercurius and the Onstelde Zee both say that Sipke Fockes was killed and his ship, the "Grote Sint Lucas" was captured and taken into an English port after the Three Days Battle. I have seen no other reference to a ship "Grote Sint Lucas" that served as an Amsterdam Directors' ship. On the other hand, there is this (and other) pages that show that the Sint Maria remained in Dutch hands after the Three Days Battle and was under repair. The ship was apparently totally dismasted and had other damage, as well. I presume that the decision was made to discard the Sint Maria due to the extent of the damage. The other ships listed all returned to service (the Gidion, Elias, Burgh, and Faam).

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