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Thursday, June 21, 2007


At this point, I am in a position to do calculations for Privateers Bounty and other game systems for the Dutch fleet in the First Anglo-Dutch War. There are far fewer ships for which I would need to estimate specifications. My downloadable scenarios for Privateers Bounty have not been updated to use the new information. The information has come in a torrent since August 2006, and I have not digested all of it by any means. What is really lacking, right now, is comparable information for the English during 1652 to 1653, particularly. I spoke with Frank Fox, again, and thinks that there is likely comparable information for the English, during the Commonwealth and English Civil War (1642 to 1660), but no one has found it yet. Frank told me that there are more than a 1,000 volumes on information that is uncatalogued and which is yet to be investigated. Right now, there is no one interested to fund the effort, as those with an interest don't have the resources to do fund the work.

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