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Monday, June 18, 2007

The list of Dutch casualties after the Zeeslag bij Elba

One of the documents that I received last week was a damage report and list of casualties after the Zeeslag bij Elba (or Battle of Monte Cristo) in the Mediterranean Sea in August 1652. I just updated a Wikipedia page to add names. There are 11 Dutch ships listed:
Commander                   Dead Wounded
admiraal (Johan van Galen)  18   30
vice-admiraal 't Hoen        4   26 (Albert Cornelisz 't Hoen was killed)
Schout-bij-Nacht Blocq       5    8 (Joost Willemsz Blocq was killed)
kapitein Bont               21   30 (David Jansz Bondt was killed)
kapitein Swart               7   31 (Hendrik Claesz Swart was killed)
kapitein Verveen             4   10
kapitein Tromp               5   15 
kapitein Andries de Boer     3    5 or 6
kapitein Jacob de Boer       5    4

Total                       70  162

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