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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Dutch Captain: Adriaan Rodenhaes

Adriaan Rodenhaes (or Rodehaes) served the Admiralty of Amsterdam during the First Anglo-Dutch War. He spent most of the war in the Mediterranean Sea. After the English retook the frigate Phoenix on November 20, 1652, Adriaan Rodenhaes, in his hired ship the Rode Haes (presumably the ship was named after him, as he was owner) chased the Phoenix, although could not catch her. In March 1653, he fought in the Battle of Livorno, under the command of Johan van Galen. Van Galen died from his wounds in the battle. As a result of the battle, the English fleet under Badiley left the Mediterranean Sea to return to England. The First Anglo-Dutch War, unlike many other wars, was a purely naval war that focused on fleet actions to achieve control of the seas. Both sides realized that for effective commerce protection, the other's fleet needed to be defeated. Sources:
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