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Friday, September 09, 2005

Dutch Captain: Jan Janszoon Bout

Jan Janszoon Bout served the Admiralty of Amsterdam as a fireship commander. In July 1671, he commanded the fireship Sollenburg (with a crew of 20 men). He fought in the Battle of Solebay, where he commanded the fireship Sollenburg. The Sollenburg must have been expended in the battle, since by June 23, 1672, he commanded the fireship Salamander, where he was attached to Isaac Sweers' squadron. In August 1672, Brandt lists him as commanding the fireship Draak and gives Pieter van Grootvelt as commander of the Salamander. On September 20th, Jan Janszoon Bout is still listed as commander of the Draak. In May 1673, he is listed as commander of the fireship Salamander. He is absent from the June 12th list. He next appears in 1675 in De Ruyter's fleet bound for the Mediterranean Sea. Jan Janszoon Bout commanded the fireship Sint Salvador (6 guns). He is listed under Vice-Admiral Jan de Haan in August 1675. On November 19, he is listed as being in De Ruyter's division. In early January 1676, he was attached to Jan de Haan's squadron. On April 22, 1676, he was in Jan de Haan's squadron at the Battle of Etna (Agosta). Sources:
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  2. J. R. Bruijn, De Oorlogvoering ter zee in 1673 in Journalen en Andere Stukken, 1966.

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