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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Dutch Captain: Hendrik Titus, Graaf van Nassau

Hendrik Titus, Graaf van Nassau, served the Admiralty of Amsterdam. Dr. Bruijn wrote that he was killed in action on June 7, 1673, while in command of the Provincie van Utrecht (60 guns). On the other hand, I have notes that indicate that a Hendrik Titus, Graaf van Nassau commanded the Friesland (62 guns) in 1688 and the Prinses Maria (92 guns) in 1696. R. C. Anderson indicates pretty decisively that he was killed at the First Schooneveld battle, so the other notes must be about some other man. We do know that he fought in the Battle of Solebay, where he commanded the frigate Haas (24 guns). His ship was attached to Van Ghent's squadron at Solebay. Anderson writes that his ship was heavily damaged in the battle and was sent home. Sources:
  1. R. C. Anderson, Journals and Narratives of the Third Dutch War, 1946.
  2. J. R. Bruijn, De Oorlogvoering ter zee in 1673 in Journalen en Andere Stukken, 1966.

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