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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Updated information on Cornelis Jakob van der Hoeven

Mr. Carl Stapel passed on his updated information about Cornelis Jakob van der Hoeven:
Cornelis Jakob van der Hoeven

Admiraliteit van de Maze

1689 (?)  kapitein ter zee
1666      commandeur

1666    4 and 5 Aug Two Days' Battle (St. James's Day Battle).
       Commandeur of the fireship Lijdzaamheid  (2 guns and a crew of 10 men)

1667    17 September in the fleet of De Ruyter in the Thames
       on the fireship Rotterdam (4 guns and a crew of 20 men, in the first
22 September Despite a rain of shot from heavy guns and muskets,
       sailed past the Castle Upnor, boarded the Loyal London and burnt
       the ship. De Ruyter found that the ship was not burnt well and
       sent another fireship alongside.

1671    He is commandeur of the fireship Gorinchem (6 guns and a crew
       of 27 men) in the fleet for the coast.

1672    7 June. In the Battle of Solebay, he commanded the adviesjacht
       Faam (12 guns and a crew of 33 men).
       31 July. Cruising in the North Sea.
       6 and 7 October The English fleet continued to be at Walcheren,
       but escaped them.

1673    7 June. First Schooneveld Battle. He commandeert the frigate
        Schiedam (built in 1662, 24 guns and a crew of 90 men)
       14 June. Second Schooneveld Battle. Still in the Schiedam.
       18 Aug. He captured an Engelse ketch and brought it to the
       Dutch fleet.
       21 Aug  Battle of the Texel (Kijkduin), on the Schiedam.

1674   He commanded the transport fluit Juffrouw Katharina (9 guns and 176 men)
       in the fleet of Michiel de Ruyter sent to Martinique.     

1678   He fritters away part of his crew for money by letting
      them serve in the country militia. As a result he had to appear before
      the Council of State.

1689   He commanded the de Oranje (built in 1677, with 50 guns)
      in the squardron of G. Schey in in the North Sea.

1690   He commanded the Oranje and sailed from St. Helens Bay

1691   He commanded the Oranje in the fleet of Philips van Almonde.
      He was dismissed from the service for plundering a prize.

Source: The notes of A. Vreugdenhil

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