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Sunday, September 04, 2005

New from Mr. Carl Stapel: the Jonge Prins of 1634

Mr. Carl Stapel recently sent information about the Noorderkwartier ship Jonge Prins, built in 1634. This is based on my translation of what he sent:
Jonge Prins       1634

Adm Name                 Length Beam  Hold      Guns    In service:
N   Jonge Prins          120    28    11.5      28      1634-1665

Built in 1634

Armament in 1634 (or is it July 1654?): 
28 guns, consisting of the following: 
bronze: 2-24 pdr and 2-12 pdr
Iron:   8-12 pdr, 8-8 pdr, 2-5 pdr, 4-4 pdr, and 2-2 pdr  

Date    Captain                  Guns Sailors Soldiers Notes
   1652 Cornelis Barentsz Slordt 28   115              Mediterranean Sea 
 3/1653 Cornelis Barentsz Slordt 28                    Battle of Livorno (Leghorn)
   1654 Cornelis Barentsz Slordt 28
   1658 Govert Cornelisz 't Hoen 30   110              Battle of the Sound
   1659 Govert Cornelisz 't Hoen 30   110              against Sweden. 
                                                       On 24 June, was hunted
                                                       by Sweden on the coast at
                                                       Korsens, and the impression
                                                       was that the ship was entirely
                                                       lost, but the ship made its
                                                       way independently and 
                                                       rejoined the fleet.
   1664 Jan Halffhoorn           36 
 6/1665 Jan Halffhoorn           36   110 24           Battle of Lowestoft     

The ship was captured by the English at the Battle of Lowestoft

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