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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Dutch Captain: Jan Frederikszoon Hoekboot (UPDATED)

According to the list in the 1652 edition of the Hollandsche Mercurius, Jan Frederikszoon Hoekboot (the Hollandsche Mercurius calls him Jan Friedrickszoon Houcbout) commanded an Edam Directors' ship in June 1652. The ship carried 30 guns and had a crew of 110 men. There is also a manuscript from the Nationaal Archief that lists captain's names from this same period. Hendrik de Raedt's pamphlet of the fleet that went to the Shetlands in July and August 1652, and was disrupted by the great storm, confirms that Jan Frederikszoon Hoekboot to part. He fought in the Battle of Dungeness in December 1652. Andrew passed on information from Mr. Carl Stapel that seems to indicate that with his name spelled Jan Frederikszoon Hoekboot, he served the Admiralty of Amsterdam and was in the Mediterranean under De Ruyter's command in 1657. We do know that he fought at the Battle of the Gabbard, and was accused of not doing his duty, but he was acquitted at a courtmartial. He was said to have died in April 1657. I believe that the information form 1657 is probably from Brandt, but I might be mistaken. Sources:
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