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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The ship "Man van Edam" (perhaps the Maan van Edam?)

Mr. Carl Stapel passed on an interesting bit of information from J.C.M. Schaap's article about Friesland ships:
"An odd one in the article of C.J.W. Schaap, the
Director's ship called Man van Edam

Man van Edam --- Directie Friesland  44 guns
168ft ( ? ) x  47ft  x  19ft

First mentioned in 1653

captain in 1653--Hendrik Pietersz.
This is interesting, as a Hendrik Pieterszoon was said to have commanded a Monnikendam Directors' ship called the Halve Maen. I wondered if "Man van Edam" might actually be "Maan van Edam". An argument against this theory is that the English captured the Halve Maan at the Battle of the Gabbard (Nieuwpoort) and took her into service as the Half Moon. They measured her at 97ft x 25ft x 10ft-8in and 322 tons (English). The 97ft is the length on the keel and the beam is measured outside the planking. The depth in hold is measured at the center of the deck. This is obviously a much smaller ship than that mentioned by Schaap.

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