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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Dutch Captain: Jan van Kampen (Campen)

Mr. Carl Stapel has a piece about Jan van Kampen. This is based on my translation of what Carl wrote:

  Jan van Kampen

Admiralty of Amsterdam

Born ca 1610

Passed away 07-02-1670 vlg resolution States of Holland 1670 pag 25

Captain 1652

1652  8 and 9 October  He fought in the Battle of the Kentish Knock
                       as captain of the Overijssel (1650–28/100)

     10 December      In the Battle of Dungeness, he commanded the
                       ship Overijssel (1650–28/100)

1653 28 Feb-2 March    In M. H. Tromp's squadron, he was captain of the Overijssel
                       (1650–28/100) in the Three Days Sea Battle (Portland). 

    10 August.        He served in the Battle of Terheide in the squadron of
                       M. H. Tromp as a captain of the Overijssel (1650–28/100)

1654                   He was captain of the ship of the line Jaersveldt
                        (1653–32 guns)

1656  4 August        In the fleet sent to Danzig as captain of the
                        Huis van Jaersveldt (1653–42/155)

1657   7 April       A reinforcement for De Ruyter in the Mediterranean Sea

1658   8 November    In the Battle of the Sound, he is captain of the Half Maen

1661  30 May         With De Ruyter in the Mediterranean Sea on the
                      Muiltromp (1655–42/190)

1662             In the Mediterranean Sea on 26 February lost his lieutenant
                 while taking an Algerijns pirate ship the 3 Mane
                 (22guns and 250 men) while sailing on that coast
                 near La Farina. On 27 February the ship was burnt.

1663 April       Back in the Netherlands

1665            He had been intended for the command of the help sent to Guinea,
                but that was cancelled. 

1670 7 February He had passed away, based on what appeared in the Resolutions
               of the  State of Holland 7/2/1670 page 25

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