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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Dutch Captain: Lieuwe van Hasevelt

Lieuwe van Hasevelt served the Admiralty of Amsterdam. He fought in the Battle of Lowestoft, where he commanded the Harderin (38 guns and a crew of 148 men). He was assigned to Egbert Meeuwssen Kortenaer's squadron. He was in De Ruyter's fleet in August 1665. He was assigned to Cornelis Tromp's squadron. In August, the Harderin carried 40 guns and had a crew of 126 sailors, 13 marines, and 17 soldiers. this is one of the few lists that provide information about marines carried. Usually, they are combined with sailors. Sources:
  1. Gerard Brandt, Het Leven en Bedrijif van den Heere Michiel de Ruiter, 1687.
  2. Frank Fox, A Distant Storm: the Four Days' Battle of 1666, 1996.

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