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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Dutch Captain: Hendrik Hakro (or Haeckroy) (Update)

Hendrik Hakro (or Haeckroy) fought in the Battle of Lowestoft, where he commanded the frigate Vollenhoven (24 guns). In August 1665, he was with De Ruyter's fleet. In 1666, he commanded the chartered Dutch ship Middelburg (46 guns) in the Danish service. In mid-August, they had a a squadron patrolling the Kattegat. These were the Middelburg, Damiaten, Flyende Hjort, Unge Lam, and Gamle Lam. In September, the Middelburg, with the Fazant and Damiaten, sailed from "Copenhagen to convoy Dutch merchantmen to the Vlie". Hendrik Hakro commanded the first group. In December, he went to Norway with returning Dutch ships. On June 4th, 1667, Captain Hakro sailed with a force of seven ships on convoy duty. He escorted the newly built Frederik and Sophia on their voyage to France, for whom they had been built in Denmark. Captain Hakro was appointed to command the Danish squadron at the Texel in August, as the previous commander had died from the epidemic of sickness that had spread through the ships. The Peace of Breda was announce on July 21, which ended the war. Hakro flew his flag on the Tre Løver. His ship was damaged in a storm, and they had to enter Norwegian waters. He died when another epidemic broke out in the squadron, while in Norway. This account relies heavily on Anderson's book about naval warfare in the Baltic. Sources:
  1. R. C. Anderson, Naval Wars in the Baltic, 1910.
  2. Gerard Brandt, Het Leven en Bedrijif van den Heere Michiel de Ruiter, 1687.
  3. Frank Fox, A Distant Storm: the Four Days' Battle of 1666, 1996.

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