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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Dutch Captain: Jan Warnaertszoon Capelman

Jan Warnaertszoon Capelman served the Admiralty of the Noorderkwartier. In 1645, his ship, the Wapen van Alkmaar (24 guns and a crew of 80 men) was part of Witte de With's fleet that convoyed 300 merchantmen into the Sound without paying the toll. The ships were equipped for long cruising overseas, so they carried fewer guns than normal. In 1652, he commanded the Alkmaar (28 guns and a crew of 95 men). This was one of the 36 ships funded for cruising in 1651. There is a notation that he had been cruising in the Bay (of Biscay?) before joining Tromp's fleet. Tromp sent him with letters for Vice-Admiral Jan Evertsen, but "he allowed himself to be taken by the English". This was probably the same ship he commanded in 1645, as there are other cases where that was true for captains in Witte de With's fleet. In any case, Hendrik de Raedt's pamphlet indicates that by late July, his ship was already captured. Sources:
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