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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

More about Pieter de Sitter

Mr. Carl Stapel has passed on more information about Pieter de Sitter. It turns out that he died from the plague, not from enemy action. I was rather rushed, so the formatting is not as pretty as usual, but the information is good.
       Pieter de Sitter

Admiralty of Amsterdam

Died:  July 1676 on board the Zuiderhuis from the plague in the fleet. 

1666 11-14 June  During the Four Days' Battle, he was flag captain of 
                 the Spiegel (1663), Abraham van der Hulsts' flagship.
                 Abraham van der Hulst was killed in the battle.
1667  May  He was captain of the ship of the line Huis te Jaersveld 
           (built in 1653, with 46 guns and a crew of 175 sailors and 30 soldiers)
           in the squadron of Michiel de Ruyter.

      June in the Raid on Chatham, he was captain of the Jaersveld (1653)
          with Vice-Admiral Enno Doedes Star in the vicinity of Rochester.

      15 July he was part of Aert van Nes's squadron
         On 21 juli 1667 he served with the same squadron in the vain
         attack on Harwich.

1672  May He commanded the Agatha (1665, 50 guns) in the 
         squadron of Michiel de Ruyter.
     7 June During the Battle of Solebay, he was part of Bancket's squadron 
         and his ship, the Agatha, was heavily engaged, with 13 dead, 
         17 severely and 18 lightly wounded

1673  7 June. In Schooneveld I he commanded the Agatha (1665–50/198-47)
     14 June  In Schooneveld II ditto
     21 Aug  In the Battle of Kijkduin (the Texel) he was captain of 
             the Agatha (1665–50/180-23) in Cornelis Tromp's squadron.

1674  May to September He was captain of the Beschermer (1665–50/188-91) in the
        expedition to Martinique under Michiel de Ruyter. 

1675   In July 1675 he was with the Zuiderhuis (46 guns and 200 men) 
        part of De Ruyter's fleet in the Mediterranean Sea.
1676   8 January  Battle of Stromboli
      22 April    Battle of Etna 
       1 June     Battle of Palermo. 
      He died in July from the "red course" or the plague

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